Cat Furniture, Kitty Condos, Cat Scratching Post & Trees For Cats


Question: What in the world is cat furniture, kitty condos, cat trees, and furniture for cats???

Answer: Cat furniture is ideally a safe/stable indoor structure that provides your cat/kitty with an outlet to scratch, stretch, exercise, climb, run, romp, and relax on for countless years (9 Lives).  Cat furniture, Kitty condos, cat scratchers, cat trees, cat climbing posts, cat condo, sisal sleepers, scratching post, cat scratching post, and kitty gyms are the most common terms used by the general public.

Below are several example photos of premium cat furniture offered by top quality cat furniture manufacturers:


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Sisal Posts For Scratching

Question: Why are the vertical posts covered with that rope looking stuff on some cat furniture???

Answer: That rope looking stuff is called "Sisal" - Merriam-Webster Definition:

a:  "a strong durable white fiber used especially for hard fiber cordage and twine -- called also sisal hemp

b :  "a widely cultivated Mexican agave (Agave sisalana) whose leaves yield sisal".

Sisal is a 100% natural non-toxic plant product that has been used for 100's of years to make cords and ropes that are known for their strength and longevity, it is also known to be irresistible to cats, and often induces wild scratching and/or scent marking behavior in felines.

Did you know...Sisal actually expands when it dries???  Unlike most natural fibers known to man, correct sisal used for cat furniture expands when it becomes dry!  Therefore, quality cat furniture manufacturers only use fully cured sisal rope for their products.  Have you ever seen a new scratching post at you local pet store with loose rope circling the posts???  Now you know they didn't wrap their furniture with 100% cured sisal, because, green sisal is cheaper and easier to come by for them!

Below are 2 example photos of premium cat furniture sisal compared to not so premium sisal.  Can you guess which one is premium cured sisal?


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Cat Furniture Covering Materials

Common Problem:  My cat/kitty loves to claw the carpet/furniture in our home, how do I get him/her to stop this immediately???

"Please bare with us as we present you with a common falsehood too many cat owners have fallen victim to over the years..."

Typical Cat Furniture Manufacturer's Falsehood:  Buy another large area of carpet or common household upholstery that will give your kitty cat a different area to play on while he ignores your floors, chairs, sofas, and everything else in your home...(Much like presenting an alcoholic with a full bar of liquor helps them conquer getting off the bottle!?!?)


Question:  If covering cat furniture with regular household carpeting and upholstery never made good sense, why do so many manufacturers still do it?

Answer:  In A Nutshell...It's Cheap To Come By...And Very Profitable For Them To Use.


PLEASE DO NOT - Purchase scratching post and cat furniture covered with regular carpet and household remnants! 


Because, you can not honestly expect your cat to distinguish the difference between carpet and furniture they are allowed to attack, or the carpet on your floors you want them to leave alone! Most carpets are constructed in a pile loop/cut loop construction that your cat's claws can easily become snagged and damaged in, also, many carpets manufactured in the USA contain formaldehyde which is poisonous to you and your kitty!

Do you know what can happen to your cats intestines if they accidentally ingest carpet thread and strings from tattered old cat furniture carpeting?  Find Out Here

Don't buy into the old school false claims that faux materials are cheaply made!  This argument holds no more water than a VHS tape salesman stating that DVD's are not an improvement over video tapes and just a flash in the pan!  Premium faux covering materials cost more per yard, do not run or snag, and are far more comfortable for your cat to play and lounge on than common household carpeting.

The Honest Facts:  Nothing is 100% guaranteed to stop unwanted scratching, however, premium cat furniture is now covered with the latest state-of-the-art faux materials designed especially for long lasting cat furniture. Premium manufacturers use only the highest grade slick (washable) sliver velour (faux fur/faux fleece) fabric for their furniture covering materials.

Your cat feels more comfortable playing on these units, because, these unique coverings feel and look different from the regular carpet in your home. Once your kitty gets acquainted with premium cat furniture, they normally do not claw on your home carpet or furniture ever again!

Below are 2 example photos of faux fabric compared to carpeting.

Note:  The carpeted cat tree is just 6 months in age, while the premium cat furniture is over 2 years old and has undergone 10 times the abuse!


Click on the photos above to enlarge the images and compare covering materials for yourself:


Buying Cat Furniture Online

Question:  Where can I buy cat furniture like you have discussed, and how much does it cost?

Answer:  The internet is a wonderful thing...isn't it???  Due to the nature of the internet, amazing values are available for shoppers that know how to take advantage of the power it holds!  Gone are the days of being limited to local mega pet stores full of less than knowledgeable sales people to shop at.  Now with the world at your fingertips, shoppers have the ability to access quality goods like never before!

No need to worry about borrowing your neighbors pickup truck for transporting a large piece of cat furniture home anymore.  With the invention of modular designed cat trees and scratching post came the opportunity to have huge units delivered right to your front door, often with free ground shipping!

Ever wonder why cat furniture at your local pet store is so expensive?  The main reason is because of the way furniture is fully assembled and expensively shipped to the retailer before you ever purchase it.  Retail stores need physical products to display, they do not have the time or personnel to assemble it, time to support customer questions, and therefore are limited to items they can offer for impulse sale out the door.

Cat furniture costs have been cut dramatically for shoppers who source their products online by as much as 70%!  It is not at all uncommon to have a quality cat tree shipped right to your door and assembled in 15 minutes while saving hundreds of dollars off retail.

One of the internets top suppliers of quality cat furniture is Spoil My Kitty...Visit their website (Highly Recommended)!  They supply thousands of happy customers every year, offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING, and are very knowledgeable when it comes to anything your kitty cat needs.


Assembling Your Furniture - Modular Cat Furniture Assembly

Question:  How hard is it to assemble my cat furniture once it arrives at my door?

Answer:  Not hard at all!

With the invention of modular units it is very easy to have refrigerator sized models assembled in less than a half hour with no previous experience required.  Smaller units can be put together in as little as 10 minutes from the time you open the box.

Units as large as 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide can now be shipped for free to your door in 2 medium sized boxes.  The assembly process is a straight forward matter of inserting bolts through platforms and into posts with little or no physical strength required.  Usually, the only tool needed is an Allen Wrench that is also supplied by the manufacturer.  Everything needed comes neatly boxed and labeled with detailed instructions that are easy to understand!

Modular cat furniture has become a huge success in the senior citizen community as well, due to its convenience of delivery, ease of assembly, and outstanding value.  I always chuckle when  Neil from Spoil My Kitty says, "We have sweet little old ladies in their 90's putting together pieces of cat furniture the size of refrigerators in minutes, and wondering how they did it so easily."  It really is that easy!

Visit their customer testimonial page and FAQ for more.


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